Mahabodi Temple

Mahabodhi Temple

Mahabodhi Temple

This is the temple at Mahabodhi. The original was built in 250 BC. This 180 ft tall incarnation is not the original. The original fell into decline when Buddhism declined in this region and was restored during the 11th century and the 19th century when Burmese rulers undertook restoration of the temple complex and surrounding wall. Whether original or not, it is venerated by Buddhists around the world.

We entered early, before the mass of tourists formed a long line at the entry way. There is only one doorway so the masses tend to form a human traffic jam. Near countless carvings of Buddha in a variety of poses adorn the temple.

Inside is a golden statue of the Buddha. My Brother-In-Law asked a local priest to place a prayer card for a deceased Buddhist friend near the Buddha. The priest (or monk) touched the card to the Buddha in various places before setting it in the bowl being held by the icon. It was a moving experience that evoked tears.


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