Sunset in Sri Lanka


Sri Lanka Sunset

I took 102 pictures in the 27 minutes beginning when the sun tipped the horizon orange until the time it finally set leaving an inky emptiness. Did my rapid fire truly capture the glory of the divine brushstroke? I can’t really say because I always find some fault in my photos. I am never quite satisfied with the some aspect be it sharpness, composition, exposure. I always ask myself, what if. What if I had raised the horizon a few pixels? What if I exposed the image 1/10 of a second more? Or less? Did I use the correct lens to accurately capture the colors?

While I know the photo is not perfect, may not represent the majesty of the divine brushstroke, I am more than content with the emotions this image conjures. I recall the sadness I felt because I was watching this alone my loved ones more than 8000 miles away. I recall the awe oozing through my veins, filling my heart with wonder as I sat on my balcony watching the day fade on my final hours in Sri Lanka. I also recall feeling thankful that I existed at that point and time in this life.

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