Oh The Things You Can Eat!

Egg in Pancake?

Egg in Pancake?

One of my great joys in traveling as sampling the local faire. There was a time when I lived exclusively on CBS (chicken, beef, spaghetti). The further I travel from my roots in the midwest the more I love sampling the exotic. There are now few things I won’t try and have grown to love a variety of dishes the world over. A couple that I had a chance to sample but turned down are balut and dinuguan from the Philippines. I was ready to sample dinuguan on my last trip until, as I was about to scoop some for a taste, I was told that it’s pig’s blood soup. That put the brakes on quickly. Perhaps, one day, I will get the courage to try those two exotic dishes.

This dish was an egg cooked in a pancake type substance. As is normally the case when I travel, I was not able to get the egg to my liking. Most places just don’t quite grasp the concept of an egg over easy so I quit asking a long time ago.

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