Sigiriya Elephant

Elephant in Sigiriya

Elephant in Sigiriya

In Southeast Asia, the elephant that was once revered is frequently employed as entertainment for tourists. These days money is more revered, a greater god. Years ago, I took a short elephant ride. Climbing aboard, I was amazed at how tall the magnificent beast stood. This couple took a long ride through a meadow before heading up the street and back to the place the elephant is kept.

What really saddened me was the extensive chains required to keep the elephant in control. The shackles on the rear legs reminded me of old time movies where prisoners in chain gangs being walked to do some prison work were shackled so they were physically unable to run from the guards.

Here, I suspect, I am seeing the shell of the elephant for it’s spirit could not be shackled and is off in elephant dreams roaming the wilds with it’s family.


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