Monochrome Monday: Angel At Gal Vihara

Angel @ Gal Vihara

Angel @ Gal Vihara

She stood out from the crowds – an angel in a sea of humanity flocking to see the wonder that is Gal Vihara. Her countenance magnetically drew my attention away from the great statues. She held onto a woman’s hand, I assume her mother. At first, she would look at me out of the corner of her eye. Each time I raised my camera she shied away and buried her face in her mother’s skirt. Eventually, with the encouragement of her mother she allowed me to capture her image.

What is her destiny? One can never tell. Perhaps one day, under the influence of the Buddha she, too, may become an enlightened one, a Buddha in her own right. Who knows, maybe she will become the next Buddha providing enlightenment to the world. Don’t know. All I know is that her subtle smile brought joy to the heart of this Grandpa.

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