Hall of Buddhas

Hall of Buddhas

Hall of Buddhas

The five caves in the Dambulla temple were filled with a total of 153 Buddha statues. In addition there are statues of 3 Sri Lankan kings and 4 statues of gods and goddesses. The only one I recognized was Lord Ganesh a very important god in the area of India I currently call home. I am not sure why a place would need so many statues. My best guess would be that the people believe it brings honor to the Buddha along with additional blessings to the devout. The ceilings were covered with murals from the life of Buddha and intricate geometric patterns.

I like that Buddha image is captured in so many different poses as it shows multiple facets of his personality. I wish Christianity would adopt this same construct. Almost all of our statue depictions of Christ are on the cross. Jesus was a multi faceted individual and I believe it would do justice to Him to show His many sides. My favorite picture of all time is called the laughing Christ which infuses my heart with joy.

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