Golden Temple Monkeys

Cave Temple Monkey

Cave Temple Monkey

Like many of the sites in Sri Lanka, numerous steps had to be climbed before entering the cave temple. Aside from the first twenty or so steps, monkeys occupied every crack and crevice and tree and step. Most showed no fear of humans with many being bold and approaching the naked apes in search of handouts or edibles to steal.

This is one of the two buggers that thought it would be prudent to grab my leg while my back was turned and I was walking. The first pounced while I was walking up the steps startling me.  The second made his move while I was in the temple grounds proper. This one was particularly persistent and grabbed my leg a couple of times. Thankfully, I was wearing long pants out of respect for the Buddhist traditions so neither broke the surface of my skin.

My best guess is that they were intrigued by my backpack suspected it hid a tasty morsel. Either that or they, both males, were trying to mate with me and create a super ape.


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