The Pink Lotus of Purity

Pink Lotus

Pink Lotus

Aside from many monkeys bouncing around the Dumbala cave temple, two which decided it would be fun to grab my leg, there was a lotus pond with a few flowers blooming in their full glory extending their petals raised toward heavens. As hard as the monkey’s tried, they were not able to grab the flowers and eat them. These feisty monkeys loved to eat flowers and I did see one jump onto a woman’s backpack, while she was carrying it, and steal a flower meant as an offering to the Buddha.

In Buddhism, the lotus symbolizes purity of the body, speech, and mind. It also symbolizes detachment when drops of waters slide easily of the petals. The color of the flower also has symbolic significance. This pink variant represents the history of the Buddha along with the historical legends of the Buddha.

To me, it represented the infinite beauty of God’s glorious creation. For a few moments, I became lost when my eyes became transfixed on the depth and quality of the pink hovering above the green leafs and the murky water.

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