Sun Sets in Zug

Buildings on the Zugersee

Buildings on the Zugersee

At the Eastern edge of the Zugersee rests the little town of Zug. Every time I get to Switzerland on business, I head down to the shores of the Zugersee to get drunk on the ambience. The town is picturesque with cobbled stone streets in the old part of the city with candy colored buildings along the edge of the sea. I have spent many an hour here eating and drinking with colleagues. Other than the exorbitant prices, I love being here. It’s cosmopolitan. The food is great. The laughter of the many nationalities that reside here is infectious.

On this particular day, took a solo walk to relax and soak in the aura of old Europe. I walked along the waterfront watching the white billed birds dipping into the water in search of food, the boaters cutting ribbons on the still waters, the people silhouetted against a sun setting between the mountains. I pulled my gaze away from the mesmerizing orange horizon and took a few snaps of the buildings painted in the fading light.

If all goes as planned, I will be living in Switzerland a couple of years after I return from India. If plans change then so be it. Life will just unfold along another path, a path birthing a new adventure.

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