The Luxury of Water

Woman at the Well

Woman at the Well

Where I come from, water is ubiquitous. We never worry about a source for water, never worry about the quality of the water, never worry that we use too much water, never give water much of a thought other than, “it’s not cold enough” so add a few cubes of frozen water. At restaurants, our glasses are filled for as long as we want for free.

There were quite a few wells in the Bhaktapur Durbar Square. This is the only one that I saw that was active. The others had shallow pools in various shades of green. Only one of the spigots at this well was functioning and that was barely more than a drip. My estimate is that it would take close to an hour to fill just one of the vessels lined up at the well. Seeing this helps me to appreciate that I can just turn on a faucet and a steady flow is readily available to slake my thirst.

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