God of Annihilation

Kaala Bhairava

Kaala Bhairava

This scary looking god lives at the North end of Kathmandu Durbar Square. There was a steady flow of worshippers both the times I stopped by the statue. I waited for some time but could not get a picture without people.

This huge stone relief of Kala Bhairava, believed to be Lord Shiva in his destructive avatar which is associated with annihilation, is a masterpiece.  Carved from a single piece of stone the ferocious six-armed Bhairava is depicted crushing the demon Vetala underfoot. In his right hand he holds a kapala (a skull cup) while his left hand displays the vyakhyana mudra (thumb as ring finger). The Nepalis come here to settle disputes, believing that anyone who tells lies in front of Kala Bhairava will spit blood.

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