The Elegant Street Sweeper

Kathmandu Street Sweeper

Kathmandu Street Sweeper

The Kathmandu Durbar Square was much cleaner than most places I have visited in India. It seems that the Nepalis understand that visitors feel more comfortable thus will visit more resulting in improved cash flow. There were a few women sweeping the streets each wearing equally lovely clothing. I have never previously seen anyone sweeping streets in such elegance, such finery. I tried to get a picture including her full face but she never looked up from her task.

I, for one, appreciated the Nepali’s keeping the square relatively clean because the dirtyness in India, where I live, can take it’s toll on someone used to the clean conditions available in most of the US. Butted up against my trip to Nepal, I went to Zug, Switzerland, a place that’s so clean, it seems as if one could eat off the streets. It’s a tremendous contrast to India.

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