Three Colorful Priests

Three Colorful Priests

Three Colorful Priests

These three colorful priests spent a good part of their days hanging out near Kathmandu Durbar Square. The either sat in front of a temple or walked around asking tourists if they would like to take a picture of them…of course…the privilege of a picture cost a few Nepali rupees. As with others seeking easy money in this city, they only approached people that were obviously not Nepal natives. I watched from afar and took natural, unposed pictures of the men. Their constant quest for money left me wondering if they were truly dressed up for religious purposes or merely as a gimmick to get rupees.

3 thoughts on “Three Colorful Priests

  1. These phoney priests are actually beggars. They just dress up as saints, sadhus or monks and pretend to be highly learned priests.
    It goes a lot around here as well, this is the main reason people do not regard them much in general. Phonies like these have polluted the sanctity of Sanatan Dharma.

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