Morning Monks

Morning Monks

Morning Monks

My feet were buried in the cool sand this early morning as I sat awaiting the magical moment when the sun crests the horizon and casts it’s glow upon me as I watched from the shore of Koh Samed, Thailand. Three Buddhist monks in saffron robes daily walked up the beach gathering morning offerings and, in exchange, praying for and blessing those that donated food or money. Those receiving the blessing kneeled and bowed in the sand. The monk robes were the color of the rising sun. I have been trying to find a robe or some other attire the same color but have had no luck. Looking back, I wish I had had food to make an offering. Not so much because I wanted their blessing for I believe life, itself, is all the blessing one needs. I wanted to donate so because I wanted to close my eyes and hear the ancient, chanted prayers and have them transport me to time before time. Hearing religious chants be they the Muezzin call to prayer, the Hindu Om, Gregorian monk prayers connects me to the ancient mystery at a visceral level.

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