Cave Monastery

Cave Monastery (Exterior)

Cave Monastery (Exterior)

The Cave Monastery in Cappadocia was one of the most amazing cave dwellings we encountered. In this photo, I am particularly drawn to the triple arch in the center of the photo – a design performed solely for it’s artistic flair. This was a multi-story dwelling with some very large rooms. I would have loved to have had a birds eye view of the artists carving this magnificent structure, love to have walked with the people as they went about their daily lives.

I walked in their long disappeared footsteps wondering if the spirits were watching over me. I listened but did not hear ancient sounds nor did I hear the the long gone words imprinted on the walls. I am sure the ancient spirits still are present whispering supplications on a continual basis, prayers that ride upon the wings of the winds. I just wish I had the ability to catch them, hear them, then blow them back into the ether.

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