Living Art

Hagia Sofia Interior

Hagia Sofia Interior

Adjectives can not do justice to the magnificence of the Hagia Sofia. I find it hard to believe that this amazing structure was built in the early 500s AD. Originally built as a Christian church. In 1453 it became a Mosque when the Ottomans conquered the city. Finally, in 1935, the Mosque was converted to a museum. Unlike most museums where a building houses art, the Hagia Sofia houses art and is art. The exterior structure is art, floors are art, walls are art, ceilings are art. Art is manifest in stone, metal, wood, glass, and paint. Every inch of the Hagia Sofia is art. It is a blending of almost 1500 years of art created, art destroyed, art resurrected. Most amazing, though there were countless artists and multiple themes, it all works as a coherent, time evolved theme. As life is birthed, grows, evolves, adapts so the Hagia Sofia was birthed, grown, evolved, adapted. The Hagia Sofia is alive and it is art – she is Living Art!


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