The Mahatma Sleeps

The Mahatma's Ashes

The Mahatma’s Rests Here

I am not one that believes in hero worship. While I admire the skills of athletes, actors, and others, I have no desire to meet them and don’t gawk in their presence. They are just humans albeit with a particular skill set that happens to pay them well. That said, there are people I greatly admire. Besides my parents, one of those is Mahatma Gandhi, the man that liberated India from English oppression through nonviolent resistance.

For a time, the British imprisoned him at Aga Khan palace in Pune. He was imprisoned here with his wife and secretary both who died during the incarceration. Years later following his assassination, a portion of the Mahatma’s ashes were interred on the grounds near a memorial to his wife. This has led to some controversy because Hindu beliefs dictate the ashes of the deceased are to be immersed in water.

For me, the burial of this great man here elevates the place to sacred ground. It was with reverence and awe that I snapped this photo.

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