Sitting Christ

Sitting Christ

Sitting Christ

At one of the churches in Munich, I came upon this statue of the Christ. He had the curly locks so frequently seen in Westernized representations of Jesus. I oft wonder if the ancient Jews looked anything close to the Westernized depictions of Jesus but I have deep seated doubts. Seems prejudice is deep seated within our genes when it makes it’s way into our religious institutions. Will we ever be free of the evil of prejudice?

I was taken aback at this icon for I had never imagined a Christ seated while wearing the crown of thorns. I can’t imagine the Romans taking a man to be crucified would allow time to rest. This was torture after all not a time of compassion. Unlike the hundreds, thousands of other Christ statues I had seen, this one depicted the muscular structure of a carpenter evident in the arms and chest. I found it much more pleasing than the ones depicting a demure, thin almost emaciated man.

Camera: Kodak Z650
Lens: Integrated @ 13.7 mm
Shutter Speed: 1/80
Aperture: f/3.2

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