Kenan & Selma Our Turkish Friends

Oh, The People You Will Meet!

Turkish Friends

Turkish Friends (L to R: Kenan, Selma, Irene, David)

Sometimes, the best part of a trip is the people you meet. Kenan and Selma are the parents of one of my colleagues. They were two of the most gracious hosts I have ever encountered. They did not know us yet loaned us their summer home which was just a short walk from the beaches of the Aegean sea. They (and cousin Mustafa) opened their lives to us taking us to the local sites and to delicious dinners. There was some language barrier, however, thanks to Google translate we were able to communicate at a comfortable level. On the night of our first dinner together we were at a seafood restaurant watching Galatasaray win the local football championship. I bumped a glass of red wine with my hand sending a spray all over Kenan’s white shirt. Thankfully, Kenan played it off as if it was nothing which eased my embarrassment.

Camera: Olympus U850SW
Lens: Integrated @ 6.7 mm
Shutter Speed: 1/30
Aperture: f/3.5


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