Hellish Descent

Hellish Descent

Hellish Descent

I frequent gorgeous backcounty mountain biking locations and am torn between enjoying the meditation of my ride and stopping for pictures. To solve the dilemma, I purchased a helmet cam that captures stills and videos from my adventures. This photo was taken near Moab Utah. I was on a very steep descent that dropped about 1000 feet in less than a mile over rock, loose rock, boulders, dips, holes, etc. The angle of descent required that I hang my butt off the back of the seat to maintain balance while feathering the brake the entire way down. Top speed…much slower than a walk. Still, I ended up performing one endo (rear end over the handlebars) onto a solid rock patch. Thankfully my helmet protected my head. My ego suffered the most.

Camera: Drift X170 Helmet Cam
Lens: Integrated @ ?? mm
Shutter Speed: 1/11
Aperture: F???
Exposure: 0

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