Island Girl

Girl on Beach

Irene on Beach, Caluwayan Palm Island Resort, Samar, Philippines

The Philippines is a land of green islands, turquoise waters, and endless beaches. This photo was taken at the Caluwayan Palm Island Resort located on the Western edge of the Island of Samar. I had the good fortune of visiting this part of the Philippines before the typhoon of 2013 devastated the area. We arrived during the middle of the week on a rickety bus that was an adventure unto itself. This was the off season so Irene and I were the only guests. The water here was not for the feint of heart for the first 10 yards was host to a bloom of jellyfish so we spent time in the pool and relaxing within hearing distance of the waves lapping the shore. I was sitting under the shade of a tiki hut when I saw Irene walking on the beach and captured this pic.

Camera: Canon EOS T3i
Lens: Canon EF-S55-250mm @ 131mm
Shutter Speed: 1/640
Aperture: F/9
Exposure: -0.7ev

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